Friday, August 26, 2011

Reception Program EMCEE Script

Below is a reception party script I used in one of the Christian Weddings I have hosted.  

Joel and Iby
God is love and in some mysterious ways drawn two people together in love. Today, love has triumph and has manifested in the lives of  (Groom's Name) and  (Bride's Name). Today, we have witnessed the promise sanctified and blessed by the mighty source of love – Jesus Christ.

I welcome all of you to this banquet. This is a festivity of union. Two separate individuals have found each other, tie the knot to become one – we therefore have to celebrate. Good morning. I'm ( Lorenzo M. Caballes, Jr.) , I'm your host.

Grace Before Meals:

As we partake the bounties (Groom's Name) and  (Bride's Name) have prepared for us, let us invoke the presence of the Lord and thank HIM once more for His constant provision. (Prayer  Leader) will say the grace before meals.

The bond of marriage is a symbol itself. God created marriage as a symbol of His infinite love to his people, that we may also share it with our family and to others.

In the same manner, a matrimonial ceremony would not be complete if without the observance of several wedding traditions. As we formally send off (Groom's Name) and  (Bride's Name) to their voyage bound to the next chapter of their lives as husband and wife, there's no other way of wishing them well but to pray for a smooth travel. Let our prayers be heard as we perform several matrimonial traditions in a unique Filipino way.

Slicing of Cake:

The cake is a symbol of a happy married life that the couple would enjoy from this day forward. Let us pray that (Groom's Name) and  (Bride's Name) will continue to share the sweetness of love, that they will continue to live together with their hearts pure of joy in serving the Lord as husband and wife and as a family.

Sharing of Wine:

The wine that the couple is about to share is a representation of life's adversities. Life indeed is not a bed of roses, as (Groom's Name) and  (Bride's Name) drink the wine, they affirm their pledge of loyalty and fidelity even in the most trying times of their married life. Let us pray that during these moments, they will cling to no one but to the Lord, the very foundation of their love.

Releasing of Doves:

The doves symbolize freedom and commitment. The release of these doves would symbolize (Groom's Name) and  (Bride's Name) letting go o their single life. Let us pray that like the doves, they will commit themselves to come home at the end of the day no matter where their footsteps take them.

 Other Significant Reception Program Parts:

Tossing of the Bridal Bouquet
Passing of the Wedding Garter
Ceremony of the Chosen Couple
Matrimonial Trade
Opening of Gifts

Before we depart, here's for (Groom's Name) and  (Bride's Name) and for all of us: “ Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long , intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance.”

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Mr. and Mrs. (Groom's Name) and  (Bride's Name).

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